Sunday, April 19, 2015

"If it bleeds, it leads..."

Watching Sunday morning talking heads spin the 2016 Presidential election this early on, was a huge yawn. Talking about Democratic and Republican approaches of inclusion versus exclusion; continued focus on discrimination versus touting real freedom for all Americans is beginning to fall on deaf ears. Nobody believes these people anymore. Talk is just that: talk. Who is walking the walk?

An inspirational story followed: that of Lauren Hill. Nineteen-year-old Miss Hill was buried this week as a result of pediatric brain cancer after continuing to play basketball for Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati when she should have been in Hospice care. She was a hero, and a true inspiration for many. This story made me cry. It was sad, that's true, but this young woman's bravery touched my heart. That touch is what made me cry. I want to see more stories like this on the news and on talk shows. I'm sick of the bleeding that leads news stories. I just don't watch the news anymore as a result. I bet I'm not alone either. I want to be inspired.

In a world and a society that makes it easy to be sad, angry, hateful, or depressed, we need to be uplifted. We need to be uplifted because we humans are better than the dark side of our nature that leads news stories. In the upcoming Presidential election, I would like to hear how candidates will choose to inspire us instead. How will they move our society, and attempt to move our world, away from war, killing, fighting, violence and hate? How will they attempt to allay our fears? Fear is ruling both our society and the world today. The only way to reduce the power of fear is to focus on the "light" in our human hearts. That light is what moves human beings to do acts of kindness. The light causes us to be brave, and move through our fear. I'm sure Lauren Hill was afraid of dying, but her desire to be a warrior in support of fighting pediatric brain cancer was stronger than her fear of dying.

We are all stronger than the news portrays us. We are all better, kinder and more loving human beings than the news, movies and television choose to portray. Instead, we need to be reminded of our light side. We need to see many more examples of human beings acting out kindness, and demonstrating what true heroism is. Heroism isn't just displayed in war. It is acted out every day in each life all over the world. I want to see more focus on those stories. I want to hear Presidential candidates talk about heroism in their own lives. I don't want to hear anymore "party lines". I want genuine expression from candidates.

We need to hear about forgiveness, kindness; movements towards peace and prosperity for everyone. All human beings are included in the species, and as such we have the equal right to grow and be who and whatever we choose. As Americans, we chose Freedom as the ruling value of our society when we broke away from Britain's iron fist and crossed "the pond" to begin again. America still sets an example for the world of what Freedom means. But, America is losing sight of that meaning. We must get back to the reason we began again in the first place. This remembering is what History is all about. Brave, inspiring stories are the kinds of examples of what is truly possible, and is what I want to hear dominate "the" discussion. Those are the types of topics I want to see addressed if our country and our world is to move forward, and not continue to fall backward into times when fear dominated. When one powerful faction wanted only to control the masses for greedy and egotistical means.

Enough already. We are brave. We are kind. We are loving. Who doesn't love their parents or their children? Who doesn't love a good love story portrayed, whether it be between two human beings or a human and an animal or a bird? It's time to stop ruling the world with just our heads and our egos. It's time to begin to move more into ruling the world and our society with our hearts leading the way. Tell me about how you feel about the state of our society and world, Ms. or Mr. Candidate, and then tell me how you see us move more in that direction. Forward. Away from the fearful behaviors, thoughts and laws that have dominated politics all our lives. Who will be as brave as Lauren Hill, and speak about the light instead of the dark? Whoever is brave enough to speak in Light terms, will receive my vote. Who will join me?